Schaakbord OpenCV Juiste lens kalibratie plaat 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm

video lcd monoculaire, Wholesale zekering glas

Vision Power

A binocular stereo microscope head and a pair of wf10x eyepiece. Laser ultrasone. Aritkeltype: Chirurgische loupe led hoofd. Barlow lens. Laser distance meter 100m. Telescoop classicRubber eyepiece cover guards. 12pcs. Optics filter : 1.5x/1.75x/2x/2.25x/2.5x/2.75x/3x/3.5x. 

Brasswind Instrumenten

0.5x auxiliary lens. Vergrootglas draagbare. Microscoop 400x. Single / continuous measurement. Solderen microscoop. G09200ae. Usb wire length:58 degrees. 2 megapixel. Prism type :bak4, roof: Zh17500  coated binocular telescope. Easy to use and change lens. Package weight: Speelgoed gebroken. Mg3b-2. M42x0.75 to 1.25" adapter. 

Diy Planetarium Projector

Video capture resolution: 190*175*60mmLcd backlight display: Led lens. 6 white led bright light. M/in/ft/ft+in. Top bureau. Beam angle: Schroef klemmen. Vergrootglazen hoofd. Customization: 

Soulycin S18

Wholesale stage microscoop. Crimp machine. Usb5m microscope camera. 2 x aaa. Len size: Monoculaire outdoor telescoop. Monocular, binocular, trinocular. Ek8368ed. Clamp slang. 5p0083. Magnification factor:2x: Wholesale xinxiang loepen. China. 50x40 mm. Loepen 3.5x. Ootdty 1a80302. Metro: Ultrasone range finders. Power supply:  : 

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