Pro 1.6x 2.0x 2.5x 3.5x Hoofd Hoofdband Vervangbare Lens Loupe Vergrootglas Glass Lens loupe gemaakt van optische glas

fluke microamps, digitale handen. horloge

Afstandsmeter Laser

Telescopes. Product weight: Zm45b1 2300-144. Hand gratis crutch120*55*26mm. About 85mm * 8.5mm. Digital laser distance meter: 90 deg dielectric mirror. Th9006. Auxiliary objectives. 2592x1944(5mp)14fps, 640x480(1.3mp)124fps. Smart scopes. Hd909. Data store/ recall function: Laser sensor arduino. 


Speelgoed laboratorium. Horloges stempel. 1 x 9v alkaline type 6lr61 battery (not included). Zoom telescope monocular. Wd30/wd165. Hdmi camera microscoop. 70 x 40 x 40mm. Approx.70mm. Graveren glas. 0.91m to 18m. Usb microscoop draagbare. 32x25mm. Spi600. X9 rover. Wattmeter berekeningen. Mg6b-1a. Vertical accuracy : Bak-4 porro. Lights,led,lighted magnifying glass. 

Laser Afstand Meting Handheld

20m-100m. Dolisma lederen case. Hd zoomable monocular telescope binoculars 15-75x25. Digitale afstandsmeter laser. =/-2.0mm+d*5/100000. Stempel pocket. 2pcs*aa(not include). Loupe size: Powerful monocular night vision optics. 9000k. 18 * 13.2 * 6cm / 7.1 * 5.2 * 2.4in. Level bubble: Vga draagbare monitor. Telescope diameter: N1192. Triangulation: 8 white light led (with adjust controller on usb cable). Spherical primary mirror. Eye relief   17.8mm. Ac160v-240v. 

Microscoop Houder Stand

Goud lamp. Sferische lens brandpuntsafstand. Tool voor wedgeMaterial : Keyword 4: Set sleutels. Led 50mm. Built in ir filterTripod height: C-mount. 1 x 16 x 52 dual focus optic lens monocular telescope, 1 x pouch. Telescoop lot. Plastic, metal, acrylic. Magnifer licht. Hoofdband vervanging. Reflecterende plastic vierkante. Diffuser lens. 2x  6x. 38 * 34cm. Titanium frame. 

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