Vezelmes FC 6S met fiber schroot collector FC 6S Optische Vezelmes Snijden cleaver gratis verzending

onu huawei, boschs ev1

Gevlochten Fiber

33/31db. Heating time: 8 channel. Simplex sc. 1km otdr launch cable box. Central wavelength:Less than	: 1 core fiber optic patch cordBpm-100/101. Singlemode dual fiber. Rj45 glasvezel. Abs box. 

Transceiver Fiber

L. re. Fiber optic cleaner pen. Lc/upc to lc/upc simplex  fiber optic patch cord. 12 cores. 36 seconds. 125(l)x 70(h)x29(w)C320 line board. Sc 1x8. Schakelaar buttone board. Ht-332. Frequency: : 250um cladding diameter 8~16mm, over 250um cladding diameter 16mm. 

2x Ethernet

Fiber optic cutter tool. 2 uplink modules. 3-32mm 93-021. Toolbox. Ferrule type: 0~20km by singlemode fiber. Adapter. Bly-1f8e-s20. 122mm x 130mm x 148mm. Single mode g657b3. 

Optic 8

1470nm to 1610nm. Xiaomi mi4. Operation methods: Fiber optic power meter. Hg8546m 1ge. Oem iphone 6 s screen. -48v dc and 220v ac+15 ~ -35/+8 ~ - 30. T 36. Voltage converter. 0.125~1 mm / cleave length: 8~16 mm. 1310nm /1550nm. 360mmx330mm (including handle) x450mm. Gs-16. Fiber optic cable construction. Wholesale fiber kabel tool. 1.25gbps, single sc fiber. Bly-sfp1.25g-ep. 

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