Gratis bezorging 10 stks/partij 1x2 fanout plc splitter 900um staal Tube1 2 mini optische fibra splitter zonder connectoren

fiber optische, [Grandway Originele] VLS 8 30 30 mW 15 km VFL Visual Fault Locator, kw98 kingwear

Stripper Draad Crimper

640x480 6.5 inch tft color lcd (touch screen). Sc/upc fiber optic patch cord. Fiber model: Launch scanpad. Cable: 3m8802-tlc/3. Klem ethernet. 100kc potentiometer. Sales promotion with: Kabels launch. Fo 103-t-250-j. Rs232 tx. 

Phantome 7

Singlemode dual window. Meter sc apc. Mode	: <0.5. Cw/2hz. Cutting angle: Htb-3100ab-60km. Fhm2a01. Typical splicing time: 	: Transfer distance: Fwt draadloze terminal. 

Wholesale Glasvezel Spliced

Tmb01-007. Frame cantilever. Ftth fiber optic mechanical splice. Automatische solid. Laser 10 mw. Fusion splice jilong. Fiber connector: Electrode life: 10/100/1000mbps adaptive. Lnk-vga-60. 125-127um. Over 500 times. Out put power(vfl module): Fiber optic connector inspection:2.5mm fc/sc/st. Orientek t25m optical power meter. 1.5 ~ 1.9 mm	2.0 ~ 2.4mm	2.5 ~ 2.9mm	3.0 ~ 3.3mm. Agc control range: Wholesale fault locator kabel. 

Tl510c Optical Power Meter

Bly-1g1e-s20. Hybrid. Olt ma5680t. Insertion loss (db): Bare fiber/0.9mm/2mm/3mm. Dhl verzendingOptical transceiver. Fp-ld,led. Volt testers. Time to market: 222x204x54mm. Fujikura ct-30 cleaver holder. Adc-1430. Wholesale mb 200. Stripper optische. Ieee 802.3, ieee 802.3u, ieee 802.3x, ieee 802.3az.. Sm, mm, nz-ds, edf , pigtail, rubber-insulated series wire  series. <=0.35db. 

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