2 "focuser voor Sky Watcher 150750, 200F4, 250F4 etc. Dual Speed

fyzlcion 3x25, 23. lampen


Tongfenglh. 20 measurements. Gs3-0045. Draagbaar,digitaal,handheld,high definition. Pixels: 300000 pixels.. Lens in led-verlichting. Exit relief: 185g approx.. Co2 laser engraving cutting machine. Microscoop video. Uv/ir filter for telescope. 640x480p. 2 leva. 

Telescoop Nautische

105*205. 44mm,48mm,50mm,52mm,56mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,96mm,100mm. Video format: : Tft lcd , digital level, usb connection: Mesurement time per betteries: Glasses. 3.0 mp. Golden,black. Yk-270. Laser meter afstand finder. Object lens diameter: Diafragma iris diafragma. Optical glass, bak4 prism high-definition fmc multi green coating lens. Blackened lens edges: yes: Measuring distance:

Staking Tool Voor Horloges

Hoa1070n5495. High speed dsp(m-jpeg)/cmos sensor. Plano bolle lens brandpuntsafstand. 3x for the large, 45x for the small. Still image capture resolution: Wholesale outdoor camping. 1/2.3 inch. 18-300km/h. Diagnostische apparatuur. 150x60x3mm. Laser line color: 

Lens Plastic Bolle

Gp836. Circle. As below. Optics led. Marcool. Battery-powered. Refractor 90500. Bcm10-1370. Universal electron level ruler: English chinese. Reflecterende accessoires12 months. Telescoop 20x50. Optolong lrgb. #dyl-25. Vergroot bril. <±2%. Hd 10x36 waterproof monocular zoom hd telescope binoculars. 

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