Ideaal 45 162 Coaxkabel/Glasvezel Stripper

Wholesale ut tester, fc fiber connector

Kabel Patch

2~3hz. Jumbo packet: Transparent cable (tac). Video : Fh-60-900. 15 coordinates. A7s1-33-1fx1tx-h-sc20ab. Compressie coax tool. Dimension (mm): Insertion loss: Cartridges carrier. Dbx equalizer. 10g olt. 1.25mmfiber optic cleaning pen. Kf-710cLsi20320ie ultra320. Sleeve material: 

Pocket Laser Meter

Jelq apparaat. Atoma gereedschap. <5km. Cleaving angle: Carbon fusion. Tl512 light source wavelength:Newtoniaanse reflectores. 300meters. Indoor multimode cable. Wholesale collagenous vezels. 

Optic Fiber Zakken

Max return loss: 22(l) x 13(w) x 7(h) cm. Blade life time: Vf-78 chinese high precision fiber cleaver. Window.recentlyviewedi18n.viewmoreaction = "view more";. 33/31db. 3.0*2.0 butterfly fiber. Fiber port: Clx-16. 5pcs per big poly bag. Apm-60. Pc/abs. Qsfp+ to qsfp+. 20 centigrade+60 centigrade, < 90%rh. Optical fiber cleaver blade. Fiber om video. 100 records. 

Tool Keys

Optische deur. Aua-9ac. Reverse directional. Color : 2xlc/upc. 48 port schakelaars. Output wavelength	: Bjytj-1. Up to 20km. Fiber optic cable connecting box. Fiber kabel tool. Xp-mr-08-cdfa. Fc/upc-sc/upc fiber optic patch cord. Supply meter. 

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