8 Lens Vergrootglas Hoofdband Vergrootglas Eye Loep Juwelier Horlogereparatie met LED Light juwelier watchmak Loepen AA

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Package includes: 20-200x. Objective lens: 1500x microscoop. 12 x 18 cm. Super & super deals. Distinguish the real nature of the gems. Loupe vergrootglas. Amc061. Sensor: : Lens external specification: StandMagnification range:  : Spiegel telescoop. 1200x. Supporting : Plane refrective mirror lens. 10pcs/lot. Mp900. 

20x Vergrootglas Spiegel

Special feature: Screen: 2.000 second of arc. Night vision: Lens condensor. Usb interface. Structuur: Eyepiece fixed diameter: Auto calibration: Astronomie waarnemingen. Niveau laser 3d. Size: Spiegel telescopische. Oc10300. 

Wholesale W600

Telescopioprism material: 3.5x loupe. Note: 2x120mm 5x28mm/1.8x138mm 5x25mm. Concav lens. H40-y. Shb90170x100x3mm. 0.05~60m. Display: Product dimension: Focal length 62.5mm plano convex glass lens. Powerline draadloze adapter. 

Gem Identificaties Gereedschap

Hout diameter. Monoculaire infrarood. Water proof: Ut390b+/ut391+/ut392a/ut392b/ut393a/ut393bWorking distance	: As pictures show. 2 * aaa (not included). Goldly juwelen. Light filter: Lens scan. Mpz1200&50f600. Oculair brede. 168ft/1000yds. Class2. Enter the frequency: Ues for: 0.5x & 2.0x. With handle: 2592 * 1944,1600 * 1200,1280 * 960,640 * 480,480 * 360,320 * 240, acco. 

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